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New Day Tornado Shelters Logo

Where is the best spot for it?

The New Day Tornado Shelter requires a quality slab under it, whether outside or covered.  Typically, the best place is inside the garage.  If your garage is attached to your house, perfect!  To decide exactly where, first imagine your garage devoid of everything.  Then imagine a circle just 3 1/2' across at a spot where you would have quick, day or night access from the house to the shelter, without climbing over stuff or moving the car.  We are not at all concerned if it is near a window or on an outside wall.  The main thing is that you are inside the shelter when you need to be!  Do you see that place where you could imagine this shelter standing?

  • Why is this shelter round?
  • So is it really strong?
  • Is it big enough for us?
  • Will this help my anxiety?
  • How much is a New Day Shelter?
  • How much to come to my state?
  • Where is the best spot for it?
  • How many of your reviews are five star?


Engineered for strength and space-efficiency. Lowest possible cost - terms are available.
You will definitely feel better about Springtime!

This mother and son now have a safe place to go when tornadoes threaten the city.