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Yes, it is very strong.  Double the thickness of many certified shelters.

There are plenty of good storm shelters out there, but I don't know of any with thicker steel than 3/8".  This one is double the gauge of many certified shelters, and again, the shape puts the strength off the charts.  Concrete is great for shelters, but not space-efficient because the walls need to be several inches thick to do the job.  For strength AND space-efficiency, thick steel is the answer.

  • Why is this shelter round?
  • So is it really strong?
  • Is it big enough for us?
  • Will this help my anxiety?
  • How much is a New Day Shelter?
  • How much to come to my state?
  • Where is the best spot for it?
  • How many of your reviews are five star?


Engineered for strength and space-efficiency. Lowest possible cost - terms are available.
You will definitely feel better about Springtime!

This mother and son now have a safe place to go when tornadoes threaten the city.