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New Day is the New Normal?

No longer do we need to run through a storm to an underground storm cellar.

It's not the 20th Century.  No longer must we run outside and climb down stairs in the driving rain.  And with the legion of smart people keeping watch on the skies, we dwell in a storm shelter for a much shorter duration, meaning that we can have a safe room that is not too bulky in the home.  Remaining above-ground has several notable benefits including accessibility after the storm.  First-responders are likely to see more quickly a shelter that sticks out like a sore thumb, rather than hunting under random debris fields for you.

So, why the domed top?

Domed for strength and aerodynamics

The domed cylindrical shape of the New Day shelter really makes it tough!  Like a commercial aircraft, this form causes the metal structure to be as strong as physically possible.  Also like a plane, this shelter is slick in super-high winds.  We don't think much about stationary objects needing to be aerodynamic, but certainly a safe room should be when it is in winds approaching Mach 0.4!  (Its drag coefficient is just 0.63 producing near-zero lift!)

Why have I seen nothing like this?

A new kind of shelterThere are lots of good shelters out there, but this one is truly unique.

What about just driving to safety?

Hiding from the Tornado in TrafficIf you're lucky, few others will have that same idea.  A highway is no place to hide from a tornado.

Aren't you always safer underground

Above-Ground Shelters are Considered Safe if CertifiedSo we were told through the entire Twentieth Centrury.  Do not be afraid of above-ground shelters if they have been certified!  If anybody knows about this, Larry Tanner knows.

Who is choosing above-ground tornado shelters?

Many People Prefer Above-Ground Safe RoomsMany retirees, couples, singles and young families like these, choose to remain above-ground in a tornado.

I can't climb steps anymore so could I use this?

Shelter Steps are an Impediment to SomeA number of times a New Day shelter was installed near an unusable shelter.

Are these shelters certified by FEMA?

FEMA Guidelines Publication 320 and Publication 361Actually, the Federal Emergency Management Agency doesn't certify storm shelters.  The New Day shelters are known by third-party evaluation to be in compliance with the guidelines of FEMA, publication 320 and publication 361.

How do I know this shelter will be safe?

Forever there were no standards for storm cellars.  FEMA produced guidelines and finally, National Storm Shelter Association produced an actual Standard which was later adopted by International Code Council.

What does the NSSA Standard actually cover?

National Storm Shelter Association StandardFor Community and Residential shelters, designed for hurricanes and tornadoes, the Standard covers live load and wind load combination minimums, sizing, siting, foundations, signage, ventilation, testing procedures, structural connections, locks and latching, flooding considerations, and more.

How is a New Day shelter anchored to the slab?

How shelter is anchored to slabNew Day uses only HILTI anchors in either the Kwik Bolt lll or the Hilti Kwik HUS Screw Anchor.  As it turns out, we are called upon often to move a New Day safe room from one location to another, and the fact that the Hilti HUS anchors are removable makes this anchor our top choice.

What is on the inside?

Inside the New Day shelterThe New Day is actually a whole system, not just a shelter.  It comes with a fan, lighting, seating, padded floor, padded walls, ear muffs and a door removal tool.  New for 2017, we are including a special remote whistle with an attached light stick, to be seen and heard by those locating survivors.  Note that cosmetic differences may occur.

So what's the padding about?

Like the flesh side of football gear, the padding is there to protect human occupants from impacts, as well as to help attenuate noise.  Its design is purposeful with colors and patterns meant to give children and adults something to think about besides just the scary weather.  The interior circle can feel something like a hug at a time when you need one.

How roomy is the shelter interior?

The New Day Tornado Shelter seems bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!  It is hard to put it into pictures.  It's better to get into one, turn the fan and lights on, close the door and pause.  That is when you get it.  It isn't teeny tiny inside.  Not huge but "big enough" for couples and small families.

How many can fit inside?

Designed for Three AdultsAccording to the Standard, this shelter is meant for three adults.  There is no wasted corner space but the roundness accommodates humans who are, after all, kinda round.  The domed top is minimal, but the natural shape for the human form.

What about claustrophobia?

Answer to ClaustrophobiaFor claustrophobia, you may just sit outside the shelter until you feel you must enter.  If you are monitoring the weather play by play, you may never have to close the door!  Many times a storm shelter shoppers has sat snugly inside this shelter when they inform me that they have claustrophobia!  This tells me that the small "claustro-friendly" design elements are doing their job, including the fan, bright lights, ventilation, peep hole, colors and patterns.

What about ventilation?

Shelter VentilationIn designing a safe room, it is important that the ventilation openings are narrow so as not to allow significant debris to enter.  The metered gap around the door is about ten feet in circumference to get all the cross-sectional area needed to exceed the requirements of the ICC/NSSA Standard for per-occupant ventilation.  The battery-powered fan on the door draws in and circulates air, and even the sound of it is said to be a plus during severe weather.

Is there light inside?

Lighting is important in a storm shelter, and the New Day shelter has lots of it.  Also peep hole serves as a point through which to run a special remote whistle and light stick (included), should you need assistance after a storm.


What about for a larger family?

Shelter SizingA larger family should get a larger shelter.  That said, some have told me that this is the one they want.

Will my dog go in there?

Pets and New Day SheltersIn my experience, dogs are happy to be inside their safe room, especially with their people.

I'm not scared, it's my daughter.

Children benefit from a tornado shelter.

Get it for her!  Do you suppose she is pretending to be afraid?  Her fear is real.  Her well-being is at stake so if you have the ability, you should protect her person and sense of security.  If you need to make payments, we are quite flexible under these circumstances.

Will this require a building permit?

Does a shelter like this one require a permit?This installation is simple, like a gun safe.  There is no building taking place, no changes to total floor space, no plumbing, no electrical.  So generally, there is no building permit required.  However, it will be up to you, the Homeowner, to find out about your particular jurisdiction.

Can it be placed on the step at the back of the garage?

Shelter could go on a step.If the dimension of the flat above the step is at least 42", no problem.  If it is less, we can place a crescent of 5000 psi concrete and install anchors long enough to penetrate to the original slab underneath.  There is an upcharge for this but sometimes that spot is the very best place for the safe room.

What if we have no garage?

New Day Placed OutsideWe just need a qualified slab for this whether in the garage or outside.  If you can keep it covered, great.  The covering is to keep you out of the weather while entering your shelter.

What if we have no slab?

We can guide you if you are planning to pour a special slab for your safe room.

Should a door swing inward or outward?

This door swings out.There are advantages to each.  In this case, the outward-swinging door is designed larger than the door opening so that gross impacts from outside cannot possibly force the door in toward the occupants.

Why can a tornado pick up cars but not this?

Annular Anchorage PatternIf a car is swept out of a garage, the slab beneath it never moves.  The New Day shelter grabs like cat claws into the slab so it also never moves.  Its steel is ten times as thick as that of a car body.  Remember, vehicles are meant to be mobile, not immobile like a safe room.

Huge trees topple in storms, so why shouldn't this?

Trees topple when this won't.Winds speeds in a storm are considered to be greatest at perhaps 30' above ground level.  And fully-fledged trees have three things working against them that this shelter does not have: 1) Huge surface area, which equates to high drag, 2) Moving center of gravity and 3) High leverage.  BTW, the 3D surface area of a single leaf is much more than one might expect due to its fractal geometry.  On the other hand, a domed cylinder has absolutely minimal surface area per volume.

Are they "bullet-proof"?

Resistant to bullets.Yes, to IAC Level III or greater.  An M4 Carbine made these dents when shot from 30 yards into sample wall and door panels.

Is a storm shelter good in a fire or flood?

Safe for fire or flood?No.

It's metal, what about lightning?

new day shelter and lightningThe "Faraday Cage Effect" keeps you relatively safe inside the enclosure of an airplane.  The same principal is at work inside a New Day Tornado Shelter and perhaps more so being connected to ground.

Do cell phones work inside?

Cell phones inside shelters.The same Faraday Cage Effect also attenuates radio signals somewhat, including cell phones.  But if you ordinarily have a relatively strong signal at your home, you should still get reception when inside the shelter.  Digital signals tend to do pretty well with variable signal strength so the reception would need to be pretty weak already to vanish completely inside the safe room.

What if debris keeps the shelter door from opening?

Door is removable.The tool provided with the shelter, to completely remove the door if necessary, is held in place by a red wingnut.  It is easy to use on the heavy door because of the tool's built-in leverage.  We will demonstrate this in person when we delivery your shelter.

What if we need help without a cell phone?

Emergency WhistleNew for 2017, we are including a special device so you are seen and heard for quick location.  After we have installed your unit, we will demonstrate how this works, along with the door-removal tool.

Can this shelter withstand an EF5 tornado?

Tulsa's Channel 2 story includes New Day Tornado ShelterFor "near absolute protection" from tornadoes, including EF5 tornadoes, a shelter needs to meet the FEMA guidelines and ICC/NSSA Standard.

Can I lock valuables inside my shelter?

Storm Shelter SafeAs a secondary purpose, this safe room could be used to store valuables inside should you be away.  You will receive with your unit, a special key for locking and unlocking from the outside.

What are the chances I'll be in a tornado?

Tornado LikelihoodIf you live in Utah, you're doing fine.  But actually, no matter where you live, the chances of you perishing in a tornado are very slim.  The New Day shelter is first a stress-reliever and then a life-saver, if necessary.  

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Has one of your shelters ever taken a direct hit?

Direct Hit by a TornadoI wouldn't wish that upon any of my Customers, and there have been close calls in at least five states.  Two weeks after this picture was taken the gentleman told me they felt secure as a tornado came to within a half mile of their Arkansas home.  When it does happen, the shelter will stand straight and tall through it all.  In one tornado alone there were 16 various above-ground shelters that all did their job, and none of them were constructed of 3/8" thick cylindrical steel!

Are the locks and door strong enough?

The Door and Locks are So ImportantThat's an important question.  For so long, the door was the weakness of most any storm shelter.  But the door on the New Day shelter, is no weakness.  It is literally shaped like a Roman shield to deflect incoming hits.  But no warrior could carry it for long since it weighs 144 pounds.

What about a little kid getting locked in?

Safeguards for KidsWhen the door closes, only a light magnetic tug keeps it closed.  If a small child then locks the door and doesn't know how to unlock it, keep calm because the door can be unlocked from the outside.  If you can't find the key, the door can be completely removed as we will show you in person.  The hole at the very top is a line of sight into the shelter's interior.

Will my shelter be registered?

After your shelter is installed, you may contact your own county Emergency Management Agency, or law enforcement and let them know you have a New Day shelter above ground in your garage or wherever it is.  We afix a label showing the GPS coordinates but the officials may want to come out to make their own measurement.

Are these guaranteed?

GuaranteedExcept for paint and peripherals, this shelter is guaranteed to the Original Owner to be free from manufacturing defect for one million years.  I need to be clear about something, however.  Like the makers of helmets, flack jackets, steel-toed shoes and parachutes, we give no guarantee that you will be unhurt while in the process of using this product.  Surely we are all doing our level best to keep you safe and that is where our responsibility ends.

Where are the New Day Tornado Shelter manufactured?

Dirk DeRose at New Day Tornado Shelters in Tulsa, OklahomaIn Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.  The final product is over 99% American sourced.  Watch this 2012 interview with Dirk DeRose at New Day in Tulsa.

What colors to your shelters come in?

Tornado Shelter Colors The earth tones selected for the exterior of the New Day Tornado Shelters are meant to blend with most any surroundings.  The appearance was designed, inside and out, with the purpose of evoking peace or calm or any emotion but fear.  Note that your own shelter may differ cosmetically from images on this website.

What if the colors clash with the surroundings?

repainting your tornado shelterRepainting is easy because the final coating is a quality exterior latex paint.

It's metal, could it rust?

Rusting is no problem.Yes.  And so could The Iron Bridge in Shropshire, England.  But I think the reason it is still standing since 1781 is because of a trait of Ferrous metals.  Unlike alloys of aluminum or magnesium, corrosion developing on iron-based metals creates its own barrier against deeper corrosion.  In other words, in heavy gauges of steel, rust inhibits more rust.

Is New Day an Oklahoma Company?

new day tornado shelters in tulsa okNew Day Tornado Shelters (AKA SafeDome Company) is an S corp, registered in Oklahoma in 2008.  EIN 26-3740372

Is New Day accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

better business bureauSo far, all the BBB Customer Reviews are wonderful!

What is the background of the Designer?

Dirk Loves This BusinessFor years, I worked as a structural technician on large commercial aircraft.  During that time, I had also developed a residential air park.  When a house was being built there for my family, I wanted a storm shelter but not one below ground.  A local, elderly man sold me a big metal box he said was an above-ground storm cellar.  When the tornadoes of May '99 hit OKC, I decided to quit a job that I loved, to perfect the idea of the Safe Room.  I was asked by Dr. Ernst Kiesling to be a charter member of NSSA and became its first Treasurer.  Fast forward to 2008, a more trim version of Safe Room is born, with the name New Day.

Do you deliver you my state?

The short answer is "Yes".  We've delivered to these states so far.  But the further you live from Tulsa, the more patience you may need to receive your safe room, as we get quite busy locally in the Spring.  

Did you say there were shelter discounts?

shelter discountsWe say thanks to Veterans with a small discount.  (90% off for WWl vets!)  If you have high anxiety because of storms and need a little help with the cost, we can give something off as well.

Will you take payments?

shelter paymentsWe're not a bank but we're here to help.  If you don't have all the money at one time, just let us know that.

Can the be leased?  What about rent-to-own?

rent to ownIf you are a student or company-sponsored executive in town for a while, perhaps we can work something out.  We are a small, family-owned business and can make decisions without going up a chain of command.

Can we work the price into our mortgage?

Safe Room in the MortgageMaybe.  Connect us with your real estate broker or banker and it might work.  Delivery could happen right before you move in with your belongings.

Suppose we want to move later?

moving your shelterIf we happen to have work in your town already, a local move will be $500 or less.  If not, there will be mileage applied.  The site from which the New Day is extracted will have practically no remembrance of a shelter being there.

Can I get a FEMA rebate?

Rebates are sometimes availableIf you are lucky enough to get a rebate, know that we have installed many with rebates.  That said, some jurisdictions decide on their own criteria so we will need to know about your particular program.  If you got one, great, but if not, don't let the outside chance of a rebate stop you from getting you what you want and need!

Is New Day an eco-friendly company?

Very Eco-FriendlyWe're not saving the Earth on our own, but we are certainly doing our part.  Our manufacturing scheme has quite a tiny carbon footprint compared to other methods of steel fabrication.  We re-purpose decommissioned propane tanks for the bulk of our product.  Compare this to smelting down those same tanks, making sheet metal rolls, shipping the material overseas where value is added, then buying the various products back here in the US.  These pressure vessels already have outstanding physical properties without any need to change their form.  The end caps that we remove are usually made into fire pits.

Are your tornado shelters cheaper by the dozen?

Cheaper by the DozenThese would work great for base housing or Native American neighborhoods.  And yes, the price goes down as the count goes up.

I know someone else who could use one.

storm shelter referralsWhen you show off your shelter, and someone else gets one, we thank you with a hundred bucks for each referral.  Let us know who you are sending so we know.

How much is the shelter deposit?

No DepositIt's Mutual Trust.  You trust us to deliver quickly and do excellent work, and we trust you to pay us afterwards!  Only after we have shown you everything about your purchase and exhausted any questions, and once we are all happy with the finished product, then we would actually like to be paid.  But not before!

How long does the installation take?

New Day InstallatonThis video will show you how the one-man installation process is made simple.

How long does it take to get one?

shelter turn around timeWe call it "Grab and Go!"  If we can do away with a waiting list, it makes everybody happier.  So we build up our inventory during our off season to be ready in the Spring when demand surges.  Some folks have gotten their shelter the very day they contacted us.  If you need to wait, due to a closing or a move, we can run our train on your track.  Note that very long deliveries may require a more flexible time window.

What do other people think of their New Day Tornado Shelter?

shelter testimonialsI love this unsolicited review from one of our customers.

Do you have more reviews to look at?

The New Day Tornado ShelterYou can look around the Web.  Here are a few more...Trademarkia, YP Reviews, MadeInOklahoma, Porch,