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New Day Tornado Shelters Logo

Space efficient, Cost effective

what makes it new leftThe New Day Tornado Shelter is a tough steel residential safe room unit, always ready inside your garage or just out your back door; ready for when the weatherman says “Seek shelter now!” These days he is so good at what he does that we don’t need a big cavern in which to wait and wonder. Once again Technology saves us money!

Price?    $3500 installed in Tulsa, and just a dollar per mile nationwide!

It’s not the twentieth Century.

Today, we can keep our cool when the skies boil because we’ve learned to outsmart the storm. Now there’s an instantly-accessible spot that’s stronger than a tornado! You have it when you need it, and the cost is attainable. Need payments? Just ask.

Compared to last century, families are smaller and more mobile. Same with these! Whether your New Day shelter is anchored to the garage floor or outside, it is redeployable to the next state or the next street. Ask about leasing if your stay in the region is temporary.

what makes it new right