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Why is the New Day Shelter round?

Round for many very good reasons.

Many things are optimized by a round footprint including strength and space-efficiency.  For years I produced rectangular storm shelters, and there's nothing wrong with that, lots of companies do.  But it occurred to me that we could get more shelters into garages if the shelters were not so bulky.  Space-efficiency is very important in the place where we put our cars and loads of other stuff.  Many times I have placed this concise, round safe room where no other design that I know of could have properly fit.

So is it really strong?

Yes, it is very strong.  Double the thickness of many certified shelters.

There are plenty of good storm shelters out there, but I don't know of any with thicker steel than 3/8".  This one is double the gauge of many certified shelters, and again, the shape puts the strength off the charts.  Concrete is great for shelters, but not space-efficient because the walls need to be several inches thick to do the job.  For strength AND space-efficiency, thick steel is the answer.

Is it big enough for us?

The New Day shelter is meant for three persons.

This shelter is officially meant for three adults.  Because people come in all shapes and sizes, I'm told often that more than three inhabited it for the short duration necessary to wait out the storm.  We owe a lot to the skills of today's meteorologists and their fantastic array of equipment.  Gone are the days of huddling down in a "fraidy hole" for hours, just waiting and wondering.

Will this help my anxiety?

Severe anxiety can grip those with Lilapsophobia.

VIDEO--Lilapsophobia is an abnormal fear of tornadoes or hurricanes.  Those of us who want to go out and look at the funnel cloud might not understand.  But this fear is real and often debilitating during the build-up of storms.  Having one place in the home to trust in severe weather does help, as it did for Karin Herrmann, shown here in a Weather Channel production.

How much is a New Day Shelter?

New Day gives exact prices including everything.

In Oklahoma, the price, including peripherals and sales tax is $3500.00 plus $1 per mile from Tulsa.  Free delivery if you are in these twelve Counties:  Tulsa, Wagoner, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Creek, Payne, Pawnee, Osage, Washington, Nowata, Rogers or Mayes County.  No money until we are all happy with the final product.

How much to come to my state?

How much to come to my state?

So, you're gonna pay more, but our delivery prices must be reasonable enough because folks in more than two dozen states have had us come on out.  Please contact us for a to-the-penny quote to your home.

Where is the best spot for it?

Where is the best spot for it?

The New Day Tornado Shelter requires a quality slab under it, whether outside or covered.  Typically, the best place is inside the garage.  If your garage is attached to your house, perfect!  To decide exactly where, first imagine your garage devoid of everything.  Then imagine a circle just 3 1/2' across at a spot where you would have quick, day or night access from the house to the shelter, without climbing over stuff or moving the car.  We are not at all concerned if it is near a window or on an outside wall.  The main thing is that you are inside the shelter when you need to be!  Do you see that place where you could imagine this shelter standing?

How many of your reviews are "five star"?

Lots of people are Five-Star Happy!

Um, I think all of them!  Take a look at how happy people are about the choice they made... Facebook, Google, AngiesList,

BetterBusinessBureau, and many more.



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