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New Day Tornado Shelters Logo


How do I know this shelter will be safe?


Forever there were no standards for storm cellars!  At the end of last century, FEMA offered guidelines and then in this century, National Storm Shelter Association produced an actual Standard.  This NSSA Standard was then adopted by International Code Council.  The New Day Tornado Shelter was engineered in accordance with this Standard for "near-absolute" protection in high-wind events.

Are these guaranteed?


Except for paint and peripherals, this shelter is guaranteed to the Original Owner to be free from manufacturing defect for one million years.  I need to be clear about something, however.  Like the makers of helmets, flack jackets, steel-toed shoes and parachutes, we give no guarantee that you will be unhurt while in the process of using this product.  Surely we are all doing our level best to keep you safe and that is where our responsibility ends.

How is a New Day shelter anchored to the slab?

How shelter is anchored to slab

New Day uses only HILTI anchors in either the Kwik Bolt lll or the Hilti Kwik HUS Screw Anchor.  As it turns out, we are called upon often to move a New Day safe room from one location to another, and the fact that the Hilti HUS anchors are removable makes this anchor our top choice.

Why can a tornado pick up cars but not this?

Annular Anchorage Pattern

If a car is swept out of a garage, the slab beneath it never moves.  The New Day shelter grabs like cat claws into the slab so it also never moves.  Its steel is ten times as thick as that of a car body.  Remember, vehicles are meant to be mobile, not immobile like a safe room.