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Has one of your shelters ever taken a direct hit?

Direct Hit by a TornadoI wouldn't wish that upon any of my Customers, and there have been close calls in at least five states.  Two weeks after this picture was taken the gentleman told me they felt secure as a tornado came to within a half mile of their Arkansas home.  When it does happen, the shelter will stand straight and tall through it all.  In one tornado alone there were 16 various above-ground shelters that all did their job, and none of them were constructed of 3/8" thick cylindrical steel!

Are the locks and door strong enough?

The Door and Locks are So ImportantThat's an important question.  For so long, the door was the weakness of most any storm shelter.  But the door on the New Day shelter, is no weakness.  It is literally shaped like a Roman shield to deflect incoming hits.  But no warrior could carry it for long since it weighs 144 pounds.

It's metal, could it rust?

Rusting is no problem.Yes.  And so could The Iron Bridge in Shropshire, England.  But I think the reason it is still standing since 1781 is because of a trait of Ferrous metals.  Unlike alloys of aluminum or magnesium, corrosion developing on iron-based metals creates its own barrier against deeper corrosion.  In other words, in heavy gauges of steel, rust inhibits more rust.