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New Day Tornado Shelters Logo

Size & Shape:

How roomy is the shelter interior?


The New Day Tornado Shelter seems bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!  It is hard to put it into pictures.  It's better to get into one, turn the fan and lights on, close the door and pause.  That is when a family knows if this shelter is a good fit for them.  Not huge but "big enough" for the short time we actually occupy a shelter with the door closed.

Is it big enough for us?

The New Day shelter is meant for three persons.

This shelter is officially meant for three adults.  Because people come in all shapes and sizes, I'm told often that more than three inhabited it for the short duration necessary to wait out the storm.  We owe a lot to the skills of today's meteorologists and their fantastic array of equipment.  Gone are the days of huddling down in a "fraidy hole" for hours, just waiting and wondering.