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New Day Tornado Shelters Logo

Size & Shape:

Why is the New Day Shelter round?

Round for many very good reasons.

The first thing you notice about a New Day shelter is its shape.  Many things are optimized by a round footprint including strength and space-efficiency. 

For years I produced rectangular storm shelters, and there's nothing wrong with that, lots of companies do. But in 2008 it occurred to me that we could get more shelters into garages if the shelters were not so bulky.  Space-efficiency is very important in the place where we put our cars and loads of other stuff.  Many times I have placed this concise, round safe room where no other design that I know of could have properly fit.

So, why the domed top?

Domed for strength and aerodynamics

The domed cylindrical shape of the New Day shelter really makes it tough!  Like a commercial aircraft, this form causes the metal structure to be as strong as physically possible. Also like a plane, this shelter is slick in super-high winds.  We don't think much about stationary objects needing to be aerodynamic, but certainly a safe room should be when it is in winds approaching Mach 0.4!  (Its drag coefficient is just 0.63 producing near-zero lift!)

Aren't you always safer under ground?

Above-Ground Shelters are Considered Safe if Certified

So we were told, because below-ground shelters were all there was throughout the entire Twentieth Centrury.  Do not be afraid of above-ground shelters if they have been certified!  If anybody knows about this, Larry Tanner knows.