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Are these guaranteed?

GuaranteedExcept for paint and peripherals, this shelter is guaranteed to the Original Owner to be free from manufacturing defect for one million years.  I need to be clear about something, however.  Like the makers of helmets, flack jackets, steel-toed shoes and parachutes, we give no guarantee that you will be unhurt while in the process of using this product.  Surely we are all doing our level best to keep you safe and that is where our responsibility ends.

Is New Day an eco-friendly company?

Very Eco-FriendlyWe're not saving the Earth on our own, but we are certainly doing our part.  Our manufacturing scheme has quite a tiny carbon footprint compared to other methods of steel fabrication.  We re-purpose decommissioned propane tanks for the bulk of our product.  Compare this to smelting down those same tanks, making sheet metal rolls, shipping the material overseas where value is added, then buying the various products back here in the US.  These pressure vessels already have outstanding physical properties without any need to change their form.  The end caps that we remove are usually made into fire pits.

What is the background of the Designer?

Dirk Loves This BusinessFor years, I worked as a structural technician on large commercial aircraft.  During that time, I had also developed a residential air park.  When a house was being built there for my family, I wanted a storm shelter but not one below ground.  A local, elderly man sold me a big metal box he said was an above-ground storm cellar.  When the tornadoes of May '99 hit OKC, I decided to quit a job that I loved, to perfect the idea of the Safe Room.  I was asked by Dr. Ernst Kiesling to be a charter member of NSSA and became its first Treasurer.  Fast forward to 2008, a more trim version of Safe Room is born, with the name New Day.