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Can I get a FEMA rebate?

Rebates are sometimes availableIf you are lucky enough to get one, know that these shelters are "Safe Room Qualified" and bear the NSSA Seal.  They are good for the rebates.  But don't let the chance of a rebate stop you from getting you what you want and need.

What if we have no slab?

Tornado Shelter AnchorsWe add a heavy plate steel floor with large lugs in its perimeter, and then power drive big screws, made by American Earth Anchor.  The cost and time involved are often less than specially pouring a slab for the shelter.

Suppose we want to move later?

moving your shelterIf we happen to have work in your town already, a local move will be $500 or less.  If not, there will be mileage applied.  The site from which the New Day is extracted will have practically no remembrance of a shelter being there.

Will this require a building permit?

Does a shelter like this one require a permit?This installation is simple, like a gun safe.  There is no building taking place, no changes to total floor space, no plumbing, no electrical.  So generally, there is no building permit required.  However, it will be up to you, the Homeowner, to find out about your particular jurisdiction.

Did you say there were shelter discounts?

shelter discountsWe say thanks to Veterans with a small discount.  (90% off for WWl vets!)  If you have high anxiety because of storms and need a little help with the cost, we can give something off as well.