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Can I get a FEMA rebate?

Rebates are sometimes available

If you are lucky enough to get a FEMA rebate, know that we have set many of our shelters under such a program.  The various jurisdictions may have their own rules however, so we'll look at your specific program.  If you get a rebate great, but if not, don't let the outside chance of a rebate stop you from getting you what you want and need!

Suppose we want to move later?

moving your shelter

Many times each year, a New Day owner will have us move the family shelter to their new home.  We currently do this move and certified installation for $600 plus mileage.  Miles are figured one way from 74115, to the pickup point, and on to the delivery point.  See per-mile delivery cost elsewhere on this website, add it to the $600 and you have the total.  I want the shelter to be the easiest part of your move, and the old slab will be taken care of so there remains little evidence that a shelter was there.

Will this require a building permit?

Does a shelter like this one require a permit?

This installation is simple, like a gun safe.  There is no building taking place, no changes to total floor space, no plumbing, no electrical.  So generally, there is no building permit required.  However, it will be up to you, the Homeowner, to find out about your particular jurisdiction.

Did you say there were shelter discounts?

shelter discounts

We say thanks to Veterans with a small discount.  (90% off for WWl vets!)  If you have high anxiety because of storms and need a little help with the cost, we can give something off as well.

Will you take payments?

shelter payments

We're not a bank but we're here to help.  If you don't have all the money at one time, just let us know that and I think we can work together on payments.