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New Day Tornado Shelters Logo


How much is the shelter deposit?

No Deposit

It's Mutual Trust.  You trust us to deliver quickly and do excellent work, and we trust you to pay us afterwards!  Only after we have shown you everything about your purchase and exhausted any questions, and once we are all happy with the finished product, then we would actually like to be paid.  But not before!

How long does it take to get one?

shelter turn around time

We call it "Grab and Go!"  If we can do away with a waiting list, it makes everybody happier.  So we build up our inventory during our off season to be ready in the Spring when demand surges.  Some folks have gotten their shelter the very day they contacted us.  If you need to wait, due to a closing or a move, we can run our train on your track.  Note that very long deliveries may require a more flexible time window.

I want one, now what do I do?

Next thing is to contact us! 

Use the Contact form on this website or call right now at

(918) 277-3758

any time of day.