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What about ventilation?

Shelter Ventilation

In designing a safe room, it is important that the ventilation openings are narrow so as not to allow significant debris to enter.  The metered gap around the door is about ten feet in circumference to get all the cross-sectional area needed to exceed the requirements of the ICC/NSSA Standard for per-occupant ventilation.  The battery-powered fan on the door draws in and circulates air, and even the sound of it is said to be a plus during severe weather.

Is there light inside?

Shelter Lighting

Lighting is important in a storm shelter, and the New Day shelter has lots of it.  Also peep hole serves as a point through which to run a special remote whistle and light stick (included), should you need assistance after a storm.

I'm not scared, it's my daughter.

Children benefit from a tornado shelter.

Get it for her!  Do you suppose she is pretending to be afraid?  Her fear is real.  Her well-being is at stake so if you have the ability, you should protect her person and sense of security.  If you need to make payments, we are quite flexible under these circumstances.