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New Day Tornado Shelters Logo


What if we need help without a cell phone?

Emergency Whistle

New for 2017, we are including a special device so you are seen and heard for quick location.  After we have installed your unit, we will demonstrate how this works, along with the door-removal tool.

It's metal, what about lightning?

new day shelter and lightning

The "Faraday Cage Effect" keeps you relatively safe inside the enclosure of an airplane.  The same principal is at work inside a New Day Tornado Shelter and perhaps more so being connected to ground.

Do cell phones work inside?

Cell phones inside shelters.

The same Faraday Cage Effect also attenuates radio signals somewhat, including cell phones.  But if you ordinarily have a relatively strong signal at your home, you should still get reception when inside the shelter.  Digital signals tend to do pretty well with variable signal strength so the reception would need to be pretty weak already to vanish completely inside the safe room.

What about a little kid getting locked in?

Safeguards for Kids

When the door closes, only a light magnetic tug keeps it closed.  If a small child then locks the door and doesn't know how to unlock it, keep calm because the door can be unlocked from the outside.  If you can't find the key, the door can be completely removed as we will show you in person.  The hole at the very top is a line of sight into the shelter's interior.

What colors do your shelters come in?

Tornado Shelter Colors

We have exactly one paint scheme.  The earth tones selected for the exterior of the New Day Tornado Shelters are meant to blend with most any surroundings.  The appearance was designed, inside and out, with the purpose of evoking peace or calm or any emotion but fear.