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Will this help my anxiety?

Severe anxiety can grip those with Lilapsophobia.

VIDEO--Lilapsophobia is an abnormal fear of tornadoes or hurricanes.  Those of us who want to go out and look at the funnel cloud might not understand.  But this fear is real and often debilitating during the build-up of storms.  Having one place in the home to trust in severe weather does help, as it did for Karin Herrmann, shown here in a Weather Channel production.

What is on the inside?

The New Day is actually a whole system, not just a shelter.  It comes with a fan, lighting, seating, padded floor, padded walls, ear muffs and a door removal tool.  New for 2017, we are including a special remote whistle with an attached light stick, to be seen and heard by those locating survivors.

What are the chances I'll be in a tornado?

Tornado Likelihood

If you live in Utah, you're doing fine.  But actually, no matter where you live, the chances of you perishing in a tornado are very slim.  The New Day shelter is first a stress-reliever and then a life-saver, if necessary.

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So what's the padding about?

Shelter Padding

Like the flesh side of football gear, the padding is there to protect human occupants from impacts, as well as to help attenuate noise.  Its design is purposeful with colors and patterns meant to give children and adults something to think about besides just the scary weather.  The interior circle can feel something like a hug at a time when you need one.

What about claustrophobia?

Answer to Claustrophobia

For claustrophobia, you may just sit outside the shelter until you feel you must enter.  If you are monitoring the weather play by play, you may never have to close the door!  Many times a storm shelter shoppers has sat snugly inside this shelter when they inform me that they have claustrophobia!  This tells me that the small "claustro-friendly" design elements are doing their job, including the fan, bright lights, ventilation, peep hole, colors and patterns.