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Aren't you always safer under ground?

Above-Ground Shelters are Considered Safe if Certified

So we were told through the entire Twentieth Centrury.  Do not be afraid of above-ground shelters if they have been certified!  If anybody knows about this, Larry Tanner knows.

Can it be placed on the step at the back of the garage?

Shelter could go on a step.

If the dimension of the flat above the step is at least 42", no problem.  If it is less, we can place a crescent of 5000 psi concrete and install anchors long enough to penetrate to the original slab underneath.  There is an upcharge for this but sometimes that spot is the very best place for the safe room.

What if we have no garage?

New Day Placed Outside

We just need a qualified slab for this whether in the garage or outside.  If you can keep it covered, great.  The covering is to keep you out of the weather while entering your shelter.

Suppose we want to move later?

moving your shelter

If we happen to have work in your town already, a local move will be $600.  If not, there will be mileage applied, figured from Tulsa.  The site from which the New Day is extracted will have practically no remembrance of a shelter being there as we fill in the anchor holes with wet cement.