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New Day Tornado Shelters Logo

 A police officer in Texas sent in this photo of his family inside their New Day Tornado Shelter.

Whether it's called a tornado shelter, storm shelter or safe room, having one inside your home is a life-saver. More than that, it's a quality-of-life-saver. Forecasting is so good now, that we could stress for a whole week about upcoming storms!

Stress less! If you want your home to be a place of comfort and security, one safe spot accessible day or night will enhance your sense of well-being. Knowing you can shelter-in-place without venturing outside will be a real comfort to you. With a New Day Tornado Shelter you will feel more at home, at home. This is valuable in-between storm cycles but becomes priceless when the sky turns black, the siren wails and the weatherman says "Seek shelter now!" At that point, nothing bought with money matters as much as your love for those huddled with you. The emotions are high but they include gratefulness. The wind leaves its mark but what matters most are the live humans emerging from the shelter with you.

The patented New Day Tornado Shelter is different from storm shelters of the past and for important reasons. Above-ground, for ease of acess both before and after a tornado, this heavy steel cylinder is capped with a dome for strength, aerodynamics and space-efficiency. Inside are many design elements to help alleviate stress including ventilation, lighting, colorful padding and a place to sit. With a New Day shelter you will feel better about springtime.

New Day Tornado Shelters Are:

+ Shaped to absolutely optimize strength.
+ Low-drag in super-high winds.
+ True protection with above-ground benefits.
+ Space-efficient in garage; 42" dia. footprint.
+ Tall so a 6' 6" person can stand up straight.
+ "Claustro-friendly" design elements.
+ Engineered, redundant circular anchorage.
+ Good value; $3500 + reasonable delivery.
+ Comes with lots of peripheral goodies.
+ Zero money until you love the final product.
+ In-house payments for those who need it.
+ Super green, patented technology.
+ Made from decommissioned pressure vessels.
+ Quick delivery and installation.
+ Qualifies for FEMA rebates nationwide. 
+ Those who "get it", get it.


My hope is that you can have that one safe place, rather than the tub or hallway. And I'm going to help you get it quickly.

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"Enjoy springtime!"


Dirk DeRose, Owner 
New Day Tornado Shelters



  • Why is this shelter round?
  • So is it really strong?
  • Is it big enough for us?
  • Will this help my anxiety?
  • How much is a New Day Shelter?
  • How much to come to my state?
  • Where is the best spot for it?
  • How many of your reviews are five star?


Engineered for strength and space-efficiency. Lowest possible cost - terms are available.
You will definitely feel better about Springtime!

This mother and son now have a safe place to go when tornadoes threaten the city.